Customer Reviews

"In any given season there comes a time when a person needs the best of both worlds. Muck and Neos always come through for me. With my Muck Artic Sports and my Neos Navigator 5's with the patented StableIcer bottoms I can fish on glare ice and never have to worry about slipping. If there is a good snow pack on the ice I can switch to my Neos' 5's without the StabileIcers and have nice warm and dry feet. The combination of the two boots makes any situation I face a worry free one. I am covered either way with my Muck's and Navigator over boots. Like my fishing fishing poles I am never without them on the ice. So the next time you need a new pair of boots check out the Muck line with the Neos over boots. You won't be sorry."
- Brian Moe, Professional Ice Fisherman

"I just wanted to thank you very much for sponsoring the US Snowshoe Team in 2009 and sending me the NEOS Performance Overshoes with the US Snowshoe logo on them.

I must admit they are the warmest overshoe/boot I have worn. I live in Minnesota and it has been brutally cold this year so far and they have been great up in the boundary waters at my cabin. I just have to slip them on over my shoes/slippers and go out to whatever and they keep my feet toasty warm and dry. I also use them quite often when I have to go out to shovel snow in St Paul and they are the best.

So once again thank you for sponsoring such a small sport as snowshoeing and I tell friends all the time how warm they are. I even loaned them to a friend to wear during an outdoor Packer game at Lambeau field and they kept his feet warm!"

-Kelly Mortenson (2007/2009 US Snowshoe Team Member)

"I am a Trip Leader at EPIC Adventures. Within the past few weeks, participants on my snowshoeing trips have used the NEOS overshoes and absolutely loved them. They work as a gator and as a way to keep their feet warm and dry. Participants who show up in only tennis shoes now have a way to be comfortable all day long. I love feeling confident that everyone’s feet will not be wet or cold at the end of the day!

Thank you very much, the overshoes rock."

- Mindy Boes