What exactly are these things?

What makes them so good?

Who needs them anyway?

Are these worn over your shoes?

What makes them waterproof?

Can I order these directly from you?

Can I order NEOS on-line?

How does the sizing work?

Are they warm?

How does one clean them?

What's the best style for adventure travel?



Q. What exactly are these things?
They're not galoshes and they’re definitely not rubbers. In fact, they're like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They're called NEOS® and they’re a modern solution to an age old problem. You slide them over your shoes or boots and secure the nylon strap for a perfect fit, and you’re ready to tackle the outside world. Shoes, socks, pants or nylons all stay dry and the lugged sole provides the traction you need.

Q. What makes them so good?
A. NEOS are made from some of the toughest and most technically advanced materials available today. The uppers are constructed of highly durable 500 Denier Nylon (stuff backpacks are made from) which has been specially treated inside and out to provide extra waterproof protection. NEOS also have a unique design that makes them easy to put on and take off. The soles are lugged just like the sole of your favorite hiking boot. So whether it’s rain, snow or just plain slush, NEOS will keep your feet right where they belong, on the ground.

Q. Who needs them anyway?
A. It's pretty simple, if you're headed outdoors and you want to stay dry, then NEOS are for you. Whether you're trudging through puddles in the city, or battling knee-deep snowdrifts in the country, NEOS will stand up to anything you can throw at them. If you don’t believe us, put on a pair and we can settle this outside.

Q. Are these worn over your shoes?
A. Yes, all NEOS styles are overshoes and intended to be worn over your favorite footwear.

Q. What makes them waterproof?
A. The upper material for most styles is either a 500 or 160 Denier nylon which either has a clear PU film laminated inside for waterproofing or insulated styles have a waterproof bootie liner laminated inside (but cannot be seen). All seams are covered and sealed with a waterproof PU tape.

Q. Can I order these directly from you?
A. No, not at this time

Q. Can I order NEOS on-line?
A. Yes. Go to the FIND NEOS NEAR YOU page and you will see a full list of all websites that sell our product.

Q. How does the sizing work?
A. NEOS come in six adult sizes; XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. The Voyager™, Explorer™ and STABILicers® also come in XXXL. Each size overshoe will fit 1½ shoe sizes and they are unisex – refer to the sizing charts on our site for exact fits. When someone is near the top of the sizing chart it is advisable to size up to the next size; also, if one intends to wear hiking boots inside they should also size up. When buying & fitting NEOS, bigger is better than buying too small and tight.

Q.Are they warm?
A. Yes. Although the non-insulated styles may not look warm, they are. The analogy is like putting a weatherproof outer shell (wind or rain jacket) on when headed out in bad weather. Putting NEOS on over your shoes is the same thing. Not only do they keep you dry but they keep you warmer because your shoes are dry and out of the wind. The insulated styles are much warmer due to 10 mm of PU foam built into the boot. The non-insulated styles add 20 degrees F and the insulated styles add 40 degrees F added warmth.

Q. How does one clean them?
A. NEOS can be easily cleaned with warm water and a soapy sponge or a soft brush, and then put out to dry. We do not recommend putting them in a washing machine.

Q. What's the best style for adventure travel?
A. The Adventurer™ has worked well for this use. At 15” high, they will protect well and allow the wearer to get through muddy wet situations. The 20” high Trekker™ is another good choice. Both pack up small and light!​