Key Features

NEOS SOLES...Traction Without the Weight

How do we make NEOS so light? The secret is in the sole. The precise design of our sole eliminates the excess rubber that makes traditional pack boots so heavy. A rugged lug sole profile assures traction and carefully chosen rubber compounds maintain flexibility at sub-zero temperatures.

The aggressive Ninja sole was designed for traction in deep snow conditions. Toothy, crampon-like lugs, separated by deep crevasses dig into snow and give sound footing to our outdoor adventures. Vibram rubber guarantees lightness, longevity, and flexibility.

Our most versatile sole, the lugged profile and high grip material of the Perma provide plenty of full contact surface area and traction. Teamed with your favorite shoes, NEOS Perma soles are comfortable enough to wear all day and easy to clean when you get home.

This "ultimate traction" sole utilizes 32 replaceable hardened steel cleats to provide the most reliable snow and ice traction possible.

The lightest and most flexible outsole we have ever made. Low profile design and lightweight construction make this sole perfect for commuting or active outdoor sports like snowshoeing and even winter running.


· Easy on-off closures
· Our adjustable, easy on-off closure systems include:
· Quick-release Duraflex® buckles
· Rapid dry adjustable instep straps
· Durable YKK zippers · Heavy wear rated hook and loop closures
· Unique Tri-Loc design


Polish Your Shoes on the Way to Work:

The Uptowner X™ model integrates a patented, award-winning design that teams outer skin, foam insulation, an Nylex lining to simultaneously protect, insulate, and shine dress shoes.

Our innovative polishing toecap helped win a Gold Medal in the annual Industrial Design Excellence Award competition. "These overshoes make a smart fashion statement during the cold and wet season, but what really strikes a chord with me is the automatic polishing feature," said IDSA Juror Gerhard Steinle of Prisma Design International.


NEOS upper materials have been specifically chosen to withstand extreme conditions and daily wear. Our Nylons and Polyesters are coated with Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating on the outside and all models are outfitted with waterproof membrane systems on the inside. NEOS uppers are high and dry – and that’s a good thing.


While you sleep, the warmth of your body radiates through your p.j.'s and your sheets. You’re cozy down comforter traps that heat and keeps you warm all night long. That’s why you get cold if your spouse steals the covers and why your dog likes to take your spot when you have to get out of bed in the morning.

NEOS keep your feet warm in much the same way. Your feet radiate heat through your socks and your shoes when you wear them indoors. When you walk outside in cold weather, the air and ground rob your shoe of warmth quicker than your feet can generate heat.

NEOS are like a comforter for your feet. Our protective rubber soles and waterproof uppers trap warm air and keep it blanketed around your feet when you venture outdoors in cold weather. All NEOS models will add 20 degrees to your everyday footwear. Insulated models, with 10 mm of open cell PU foam, add 40 degrees.

A cup of coffee and pair of NEOS makes getting out of bed in the morning a whole lot easier.


Today's snowshoes are designed with high-tech, lightweight materials that make them buoyant on snow and comfortable for long walks. You probably wouldn't wear a heavy, wooden pair of snowshoes when heading out for a trek, so why put on a weighty, old-fashioned pair of pack boots?

Snow shoeing quickly becomes arduous in a pair of 5-pound pack boots. NEOS performance overshoes, weighing in around 2-pounds, are less than half the weight of traditional pack boots.

What's more, NEOS were designed with snowshoe fit in mind. A built-in heel bar on the Ninja sole secures snowshoe straps to the foot. The Navigator's Tri-Loc system further secures overboots to the feet for no slipping while you’re schlepping.